5 Reasons to Try Snowmobiling

If you’ve never tried snowmobiling, there’s a whole world of winter fun you’re missing out on. Whatever your reasons are for not snowmobiling, there are a ton of great reasons why you should give snowmobiling a try. Here are a few of them.

  1. It’s easy to learn. If you’re intimidated by the idea of operating a snowmobile, don’t be. Snowmobiles are easy to learn to drive. Snowmobiling is for everyone. Kids, wives and grandparents can all be found riding trails in Pittsburg.
  2. It’s a great way to experience the outdoors in winter. Hop on a snowmobile and experience the thrill of cruising over well-groomed trails through miles of backcountry wilderness.
  3. You can explore areas only accessible by snowmobile. If you want to find true solitude in the wilderness, snowmobiling will help you get there. On a snowmobile, you can easily cover hundreds of miles of remote and hard-to-reach areas with no roads.
  4. It can be a social activity. Snowmobiling is a great family-bonding experience. After all, it’s easy to get kids to step away from television screens and iPads when you offer them the excitement of speed on a snowmobile. Also, it’s a great way to make new friends. Snowmobiling clubs can be found all over the place and snowmobilers are known for being a friendly bunch.
  5. It’s affordable. If you think you’ll have to spend a small fortune to take up snowmobiling, think again. Many places – including Lopstick Lodge – offer inexpensive snowmobile rentals, making it easy to try snowmobiling without spending too much money. Lopstick also offers special Ride and Stay packages, making it easy and affordable to spend a few days snowmobiling.

If you decide to try snowmobiling this winter, join us at Lopstick Lodge in Pittsburg, New Hampshire. The area around Lopstick is known for having the best snowmobiling on the East Coast. We get more snow than any other area of New Hampshire, we have more than 200 miles of beautifully-groomed trails, and nearby restaurants, stores and gas stations are all accessible by snowmobile.

Lopstick also has comfortable accommodations so you can relax after a day on the trails. Plus, the best time of year for snowmobiling is still to come in late winter and early spring when riders can take advantage of longer days and warmer temperatures. To learn more, contact us at Lopstick Lodge.