5 Ways to Enjoy a Rainy Day

 New England weather is famously unpredictable. When Mother Nature turns nasty, don’t let cloudy skies and rain drops ruin your family’s vacation. Instead, make the best of it with other activities. Here are a few fun things you can do around the Pittsburg area to rescue a rainy day.

  • Visit the Tillotson Center – The cultural hub of northern New Hampshire, the Tillotson Center in Colebrook is a wonderful place to visit – even when it’s not raining. The center is home to a museum exploring the region’s past, an art gallery offering a wide variety of exhibits, and a 171-seat theater that regularly hosts live stage products, concerts, movies and more.
  • Enjoy Indoor Games – Northern New Hampshire has several places where you can not only play fun games indoors, but you can also enjoy good food while doing it. The Strike Zone Pizza Pub (603-237-4836) in Colebrook has an old-fashioned bowling alley and serves delicious pizza, buffalo wings, sandwiches and more. You can also play video games at the Buck Rub Pub in Pittsburg, which features a full menu.
  • Take a Swim at the North Country Rec Center – The North Country Community Recreation Center (603- 237-4019) in Colebrook is open to the public. The center features an Olympic-size, indoor swimming pool, making it a great place to take a dip even when it’s raining outside.
  • Go Shopping – A rainy day is a great opportunity to explore the North Country’s many unique and interesting shops. A great place to start is Lopstick’s own store, where you can find everything from sweatshirts and coffee mugs to top-of-the-line fly fishing gear. Also nearby is Treats & Treasures General Store, where you can find a wide variety of gifts and mementos, plus tasty treats like fudge. Nearby Colebrook is a great shopping destination with several interesting shops. One of the area’s most popular stores, Fiddleheads (603-237-9302), is an artisan gift shop offering high-quality, handcrafted items created by local artists. Two other fun gift shops are the Old Appletree Gift Shop (603-237-4911) and Creative Natives (603-237-8008). Northern Outlet of New England (603-237-8544) sells rugged clothing and sportswear for activities like hiking and snowmobiling.
  • Play in the Rain – Of course, rain doesn’t need to be an excuse to stay inside. Instead, use it as an opportunity to explore the outdoors in a different way. Throw on rain gear and hit the trails, as rainy weather means no bugs or crowds. Or grab your fishing gear, as many anglers swear the fishing gets better in a light rain. Plus, if you have young ones, kids love to play in puddles and mud. (And you might find you do, too.)