The Magic of Magnetic Hill

Not far from Lopstick Lodge is a place that will have you questioning the forces of gravity and wondering if down is up and up is down.

Just over the border in Canada is Magnetic Hill, a popular attraction where you can have the surreal experience of watching your car be seemingly pulled uphill.

Magnetic Hill is easy to get to. The Canadian border is just 13 miles north of Lopstick on U.S. Route 3. After crossing the border into Canada (make sure to have your passport or passcard), you’ll drive roughly a quarter of a mile on Route 257 before coming to what looks like the bottom of a long hill. There you’ll find a road sign instructing you on what to do. Turn your car around to face south toward the U.S. Then put your hazards on and pop your car into neutral. Soon after, your car will begin to seemingly be pulled up the hill.

Although it may seem like it, your car isn’t being pulled by an invisible magnetic or supernatural force. In fact, the slope of the hill is an optical illusion. The hill’s beautiful surroundings obstruct the horizon, making the slight downhill slope appear to be an uphill slope. Still, it can be hard to believe your eyes once your car begins to roll.

Magnetic Hill is an especially fun activity if you have kids with you, and it can be part of a great day trip into Quebec, where there is plenty for visitors to experience. Learn more about making a day trip to Quebec from Lopstick Lodge at


  1. I’ve not ever heard of Magnetic Hill but it sounds intriguing. Thanks for sharing the information.

  2. The hill is very cool although it should be noted that the magnetic hill starts about one mile past the border, not 1/4 mile.

    • Luke,

      Thank you! I will change that so people know. We appreciate the heads up.

      Courtney Major
      Director of Guest Relations