ATV Riding Video

Watch our latest ATV Riding Video! Come ride with us on the Ride The Wilds ATV trail system in Pittsburg NH. We hop on the ATVs and Quads and hit the trails. From muddy trails to smooth riding to a great restaurant, Pittsburg NH offers the best ATV and Quad riding in the East. From challenging ascents to boggy woods roads, the action never stops.

No ATV? No problem! We rent new model ATVs for fun in the Great North Woods of New Hampshire. Rent an atv or quad at our Back Lake property from our partner, Bear Rock Adventures. Stay at one of our Back Lake cabins and you’ll be on the ATV trail!

Keep an eye out for more atv riding videos. Mike Fellows and Jodi Gilbert of the Cabins at Lopstick love to ride and film their trips for our website. Give them a shout out next time you are at Lopstick. They do a great job!