Experience Wild ATV Riding in Northern New Hampshire

If you’re an ATV rider in search of an epic adventure, then you need to get wild.

Northern New Hampshire’s Ride the Wilds trail system is the largest ATV trail system in the Northeast, with 1,000 miles of connected ATV trails offering riders an unforgettable experience.

Lopstick is located at the top of the Ride the Wilds network of trails, making it the perfect base camp for a multi-day ATV adventure.

The Ride the Wilds trails wind through the North Country’s vast wilderness. Along the way, riders can enjoy varied terrain and gorgeous scenery with views of mountains, waterways, fields and forests. The diverse selection of trails allow riders to find an adventure perfect for them – whether they want to enjoy a gentle road or the challenge of a rugged mountain climb.

The communities along the Ride the Wilds trails also make it easy for riders to access civilization when they want a bite to eat or need to fuel up. All the towns located on the trail system allow riders to use town roads to access services or to connect to other trails.

Lopstick itself owns 120 miles of professionally-maintained ATV trails, and we have more than a dozen cabins located right on ATV trails. (Check out the cabins we have on ATV trails here.)

To learn more about ATV riding at Lopstick, call us at 800-538-6659 or email vacation@lopstick.com.