Loons on Lake Francis

Just a short clip of our beloved loons just being loons! 14 seconds of loon-ey-ness to brighten your day, enjoy!

Loons spend their summers on many of the bodies of water in the Connecticut Lakes Region. Loon return from southern, wintering destinations just as the ice is leaving the lakes in early May. Mated pairs care for their nest and welcome 1-2 chicks in early July. Loons in the Lopstick cove can be observed teaching their young to swim and fish. At first, chicks ride on the backs of their parents. As summer progresses, the young learn to dive, fish and fly. Loons return to their wintering ground before ice in in early December.

Many lakes and pond have loons in Pittsburg. Lake Francis, First Lake, Second Lake Back Lake and Third Lake all have nesting pairs of loon.