10 Gift Ideas for Outdoorsmen

Holiday shopping can be a real pain when you don’t know what to get people. But if you have an outdoorsman or woman in your life, you’re in luck. Whether they like hunting, fishing or just being outdoors, there are plenty of potential gifts you can choose for them. Here are a few.

  1. Knife or Multi-Tool – Every outdoorsman needs a high-quality, versatile knife. There are also specific knives for everything from skinning animals to breasting waterfowl to filleting fish. A multi-tool – with a bottle-opener, scissors, saw, screwdriver and more – is also useful.
  2. Socks – Young kids might hate getting them as gifts, but anyone who spends a lot of time outdoors loves them. Nobody wants cold feet when they’re hunting, snowmobiling or hiking.
  3. Phone Protector – Nowadays, we carry our smartphones everywhere we go. But electronics don’t mix with the cold, wet elements. A waterproof case is vital to protect your phone when you’re outdoors.
  4. Gift Certificates – Everyone loves gift certificates. Get one from their favorite store, and your outdoorsman can pick out exactly what he or she needs: fishing lures, gear, hunting supplies and more. Or, better yet, get them a gift certificate to Lopstick and they can use it toward lodging, snowmobile rentals, fly fishing guide service or any vacation package.
  5. Reading Material – When outdoorsmen aren’t hunting or fishing, they love reading about hunting and fishing. From new guide books to subscriptions to their favorite outdoors magazines to classic tales such as Green Hills of Africa or A River Runs Through It, there’s plenty of reading material to choose from.
  6. Outerwear and Gear – To spend time outdoors, you need gear that is functional and keeps you comfortable. Coats, gloves and hats that are warm and water resistant make great gifts. For hunters, camouflage jackets, pants and rainwear are always a hit. For anglers, think waders, gloves and fishing vests.
  7. Waterproof Headlamp – You should always carry a light source when you’re outdoors. Headlamps are convenient as they allow you to go hands-free. Many are also durable, waterproof and incredibly bright.
  8. Waterproof Firestarter – When you want a fire, you want one now. And if you’re cold and wet, you want a firestarter that will still work even if it is wet, too. There are plenty of dependable and inexpensive waterproof firestarters to choose from.
  9. Sunglasses – Sure, they can make a nice fashion statement, but sunglasses are also functional for outdoorsmen, protecting their eyes from ultraviolet rays and allowing them to see better when the sun is in their face. Some are also sturdy enough to offer protection against strong winds and passing objects when you’re cruising along on an ATV.
  10. Soft-Sided Portable Cooler – If you think a soft-sided cooler will melt ice fast and leak all over the place, think again. New soft-sided coolers are durable, can keep items cold for days and are easily portable in the outdoors.