Ride the Wilds Experience

Our Great North Woods is an ATV wilderness paradise. Here, you’ll discover 1000 miles of connected trails aptly named “Ride the Wilds”.

Whether you are a novice or experienced rider, the Ride the Wilds trail system challenges riders with terrain that ranges from rugged mountain climb to gentle woods roads to playful, muddy spots. Trails wind through the vast wilderness of northern New Hampshire and offer many vast views, pauses by wilderness waterways and mountaintop vistas.

The quaint towns along the trail welcome ATV riders. Enjoy lunch along the trail at a local restaurant or stop into the local general store for fresh-made sandwiches. Visit the antique shops, the covered bridges, and the waterfalls that dot the landscape here in our part of New Hampshire.

At the end of your long day of exploration, return to your cozy, trailside cabin at Lopstick. All our cabins offer comfortable accommodations, many with porches, outdoor grills and some even have Jacuzzi’s and hot tubs, perfect for easing the aches and pains after a long trail ride.

At the top of the Ride the Wilds trail system, Pittsburg, NH boasts some 120 miles of professionally maintained ATV trails. Due to the snow melting later in the season than normal the ATV trails are still being cleaned up. Here is a link to keep up to date with the trail openings. https://www.nhstateparks.org/activities/ohrving/club-trail-information 

ATV trails open on Saturday, June 8th  – NOTE: ONLY connection to Colebrook is Hall Stream via rail bed and you must return the same way.

Pittsburg is home to the famous “Moose Alley,“ a section of road where moose are often seen during summer evenings delighting the numerous “moose watchers” who come from far and wide to see the largest of the north woods critters.

There is so much to do in the Great North Woods. The Connecticut Lakes offer boating, swimming, and fishing. And there are a dozen wonderfully secluded lakes and ponds you can visit on your ATV, with or without a fishing rod. Or hike the Cohos Trail or climb one of our local mountains.


Here are all the cabins we have located right on the ATV Trails!

Blue Wing

Deer Meadow
East Wind
Loons Nest
Mallard’s Retreat
Pheasant Tail
Square Tail
Starlight Cove
Stone Fly