Fall 2019 Fishing Report

While the fishing season begins to slow down some in the fall (trout season ends October 15), it does NOT end!
There’s still plenty of action in the streams and rivers, and trying to lure Pike on the fly is nothing short of amazing. Even though Pike trips don’t happen right in Pittsburg they still can be planned on your way up to Pittsburg. The Pike trips go later in the season than other types of fishing. Bill or any of our guides can set up a fun trip on your arrival date and when you are finished you can follow your guide all the way to Lopstick.

We asked Bill Bernhardt, Lopstick’s Director of Guide Operations and Head Guide at Lopstick Outfitters, for his thoughts about fishing during the autumn months here in the North Country.

“The main reason to come fishing at this time of year is the beauty of the area in the fall. The leaves turn color starting in mid-September and it gets better and better every week for the next month or so. Whether or not you catch a fish, just experiencing Nature in all her colorful glory is worth it.

“Fishing always changes a bit as the days get shorter in the fall. With the cooler weather, water in the smaller streams and ponds cools off and this makes the wild brook trout more active. Dry flies and streamers can be very effective with the brookies this time of year.

“Autumn is also the spawning season for Landlock Salmon in the rivers. Following their natural instinct, the Salmon will begin moving from the lakes up into the rivers to find their spawning grounds. From mid-September on, this “pre-spawn” period is a great time to fish. The salmon will be healthy, energetic and can exceed 20 inches in length. They’re good fighters! We’ve found that nymphs work well with Salmon as do streamers: Black or Grey Ghost, Wooly Buggers, Eighty-eights all work well. For nymphs, I’d suggest Bead Head Pheasant Tails, Hatching Pupas, and some of the Caddis variations, to name a few.

“Even though the trout and salmon season ends on October 15, we don’t close down i\our operations! From mid-October on until the snow flies, we will take parties out on the lakes to fish for pike. They are a wiley adversary and fun to catch on a fly rod. Plus, the big ones can go 26-34 inches, and we’ve seen some caught up here that were more than 40 inches!

“So I’d advise any of our fishing customers to think about spending a few days in the North Country this fall. You might have to layer up, but the rivers will be less crowded and the big fish are still there for catching. The Outfitter’s Shop will be marking some Orvis gear down for end-of-year clearance. If we don’t have what you wanted we would be happy to order something from Orvis to be delivered to your home or have it ready in your cabin as a gift or just your collection.

“Tight lines!”