Report from the Fly Shop

Our own Bill Bernhardt filed this fishing-season preview report from the Lopstick Fly Shop. If you’re an angler of any kind, stop in and say hello to Bill and his team. There’s always something new and interesting to see, from the latest fly creations to the best and latest Orvis gear.

Bill’s report:

“It’s hard to believe spring is here! Spring is often, like many things, slow to come to the North Country. We had what many consider an Old Fashion Winter, with approximately 220 inches of snow so far.

With that said, we are looking forward to another excellent spring fishing season. We had two great fishing Expo’s this year with excellent turnout, including many of our Lopstick friends..

Although the snow has been dominant, the 2019 fishing season started on January 1st, and there have been many hearty souls out on the water. If everything goes well with all the snow we’ve had, it should be a strong run off this spring. With strong run off, (also called flow), there should be good runs of Landlocked Salmon, which run up the rivers from the lakes to chase their primary forage fish, the Rainbow Smelt. We typically expect this to happen the second week of May, but this year it might be a bit later; stay tuned to our social media and website for real-time updates as conditions evolve and the run begins!

Remember that the designated Trout ponds in the State of New Hampshire are open for angling beginning on Saturday April 27th.

Late April through May is also a great time to chase the elusive Northern Pike.

In 2015, Lopstick, Tall Timber Lodge and a group of our fellow anglers formed the Pittsburg Anglers Association. Their mission is to privately stock fish in the Connecticut River between the First Connecticut Lake dam and Lake Francis ( a.k.a. the “Trophy Stretch”) in order to build upon the State’s stocking program and enhance the angling experience for all. This year will be our fourth annual stocking of the Trophy Stretch, and we plan on stocking about 600 Rainbow Trout and Brown Trout to this stretch of river; maybe one has your name on it!

Water flows permitting we expect to be stocking on or about May 12th, and we will generally have 15 to 20 volunteers to help carry buckets of fish to do the stocking. Stay tuned for the exact dates.

We are forever exploring and learning new waters in our area to try our best to keep all our Lopstick fishing adventures new and exciting. We’ve discovered some great water last year and hope to find more this season.

Our preseason orders have been placed for the Lopstick Fly Shop and we are anxiously awaiting the new arrivals. We have once again revamped and honed in our fly selection and we’re expecting some great new patterns for this season.

Stop in to say hello and welcome to the newest member of our team, Greg Strohrer. We call him The Kid because he’s still in college and a lot younger than most of us! But he’ll be a big help in our fly shop this season.

Come see us, and tight lines!

Bill Bernhardt