Boat Launches in Pittsburg

If you want to catch fish, you need to go where the fish are. And, sometimes, that means getting away from the shore and out onto the waters of a large lake.

The Pittsburg area is home to some of New Hampshire’s best lakes for fishing – large, scenic lakes where big, beautiful fish dwell well away from the shoreline. To find those fish, you need a boat.

Many of the region’s lakes have boat launches that make it easy to put your boat on the water and chase after those trophy fish. Here is where you’ll find some of Pittsburg’s best boat launches.

First Connecticut Lake – Located just outside our cabin doors at Lopstick, this is the biggest of the Connecticut Lakes. Covering more than 2,800 acres, it provides fishermen with plenty of places to explore in their boats while hunting for salmon and lake trout. Boaters can access the lake using a boat launch off Route 3 by the dam at the western end of the lake, or by using another boat launch on Camp Otter Road, just up Route 3 from Lopstick.

Lake Francis – The North Country’s second-biggest lake, scenic Lake Francis is another boater’s paradise, with more than 2,000 acres to explore by boat. Anglers will find one boat launch with 24-hour trailer parking directly off Route 3. Another boat launch offering 24-hour trailer parking can be found by taking Route 3 to River Road and following that for two miles. A little history about this lake. There used to be a farm in the middle of the lake before they flooded it to make the lake.

Second Connecticut Lake – Another lake popular for its lake trout and Salmon fishing, Second Connecticut Lake is more than 1,200 acres and has a launch ramp off Route 3 on Idylwilde Road. Trailer parking is allowed from 6:00 a.m. to 9:30 p.m.

Back Lake – This lake is more than 500 acres and features great Small Mouth Bass and Trout fishing. It features one boat launch on Spooner Road, and a car-top boat launch on Beach Road.

Third Connecticut Lake – Located just south of the Canadian border on the west side of Route 3, this 289-acre lake has great trout fishing and an easily-accessible boat launch.