Fall Fishing Tip: The Landlocked Salmon

Lopstick’s Head Fishing Guide, Bill Bernhardt, talks about the Landlocked Salmon, a prime target for anglers in the autumn months. At the end of September, the Salmon begin to move out of the lakes and into the rivers on their spawning runs. Between the end of September and mid-October, anglers can find nice sized fish all along the Trophy Run.

Here’s what Bill told us:

“The Landlock Salmon ( Salmo Salar ) are actually in the river systems all season long to a certain extent. The fish dwell primarily in the sections of river between Second and First Connecticut Lake and the section between First Connecticut Lake and Lake Francis.

Throughout the course of the summer there will be mostly smaller Salmon in these sections of the river. It is in the Spring and the Fall when the larger runs of Salmon come in from the lakes. These runs will generally yield some larger Salmon.

The Spring run happens primarily at the inlets of the Lakes, generally shortly after ice out. The Salmon will come in at that time to chase their primary forage fish (the rainbow smelt) which spawns at that time of the year. It is a good time to fish bait-ish patterns to try to catch these fish. A few patterns are the Grey Ghost, Soft Hackle Streamer, and Magog Smelt.

The fall run will occur throughout the entire river systems. These fish are coming in from the lakes to start the fall Spawn ( pre-spawn) which actually occurs in late October through November. The fall run can start any time between late August to mid-September.

At this time of year you can fish for Salmon with Nymphs, Pheasant Tails, Copper Johns, or Hatching Pupas. You can also use streamers, (smelt patterns) and also even some dries, Caddis, BWO’s, and Stoneflies.”

Thanks, Bill!