There may still be snow cover on the ground, and ice covering many of our lakes and ponds, but the approach of spring means it’s time to start thinking about… fishing!

Fly Tying Video

Our Bill Bernhardt shows you how to tie a Soft Hackle Streamer, a useful fly here in the Great North Woods.

Upcoming events

May 7: Pre-Season Stocking with Pittsburg Anglers Association
We here at Lopstick are proud to support the Pittsburg Anglers Association, a fishing community devoted to the enhancement of fishing opportunities here on the Upper Connecticut River, especially the section known as the “Trophy Stretch.”

In addition to supporting and helping to promote one of New England’s premiere trout and salmon fisheries, the PAA conducts a supplemental trout stocking of the Trophy Stretch, usually in May of every year, and just ahead of the regular stocking programs of the New Hampshire Fish & Game Department.

This year’s PAA early season stocking will take place on Sunday, May 7. The PAA hopes to release about 400 beautiful rainbow and brown trout that are from 14 to 20 inches.

Volunteers will be needed, and all are welcome to come help with the stocking effort.

To volunteers, to get more information, or to help support this worthy group, please visit their website at