Wild Fly Productions visits Lopstick

Check out this great video done by Wild Fly Productions. They are some young fans of Lopstick that have visited us a couple of times from North Carolina. They are a group of talented college students who are endorsed by Orvis. These guys are passionate about fishing and creating quality fly fishing films. They visited last year and did a film about their stay so we asked them to come back!

Some impressive stats on Wild Fly Productions:

  • They have 5,400 followers on Instagram.
  • They have 60 videos they have done on YouTube.
  • They have 1,796 followers on YouTube.

To learn more about them please visit https://www.wild-fly.com/

Please Check out the video documenting their recent stay with us!

True North Volume 2


  1. Great move on your part to invite the boys from Wildfly back. I’m also in North Carolina, having moved down from Massachusetts. The video definitely makes me want to visit Lopstick and fish the area. Pitching the idea to the Mrs. (Wish me luck.) Hoping to see you guys in 2018.

    • The Wild Fly Productions team do a wonderful job. We welcome them to come stay with us whenever they can,

      Courtney Major
      Director of Guest Relations