Winter Fishing: On the Rocks

For our many angler friends, winter may be “low” season, but it’s never “off” season! Fishing in the winter is ‘on the rocks:’ or through the ice of our many frozen-over lakes and ponds.

Those with the gumption–and the many layers of fleece and wool required to stave off frostbite–can still find fishing sport during the winter months.

The Connecticut Lakes are home to lake trout, cusk, and brown trout. From our cabins you can conveniently access First Connecticut Lake. Bait is available at Treats and Treasures which is about a quarter mile to our north on Rte 3.

Lake Francis, First Connecticut Lake, Second Connecticut Lake and Third Connecticut Lake are open for ice fishing. Large lake trout are often caught through the ice. Brown trout are often caught through the ice at Lake Francis. First, Second and Third Lake offer cusk and lake trout.

Ice fishing is regulated by the NH Fish and Game Department. For information and regulations, click here.