Spey Casting Clinic – October 11 & 12

The Fall Season is rapidly approaching! A great time to be out on the water enjoying the crisp cool air, the colors of the leaves changing AND the Fall Run. The Season doesn’t last long so get out and take advantage of the best streamer fishing. The name of the game is getting your streamer to the zone and fishing with the least amount of time in the air casting. Have you ever been to a spot on the river that really looks sweet but there is too much brush cover behind you to prevent an adequate cast to get to the strike zone? Or perhaps you’re on bigger water and just lack that extra little bit to cast to that far seem or rock cover. The answer is spey casting, whether single hand with the trout gear you already possess or with two handed switch or spey rods. With modern short shooting heads you can turn your existing traditional fly rod/reel outfit into a spey casting machine that will get you into the tightest of places with the simplest of ease or the extra distance needed on the big water. No more wasted time! For those who already own a switch or spey rod, these compact shooting heads and techniques will open a new dimension to your casting and streamer fishing efficiency. Casting big cone headed streamer/sculpin patterns or swinging soft hackles, nymphing or even fishing dry flies these compact shooting heads can really change your approach on fly fishing. The Guide staff at Lopstick Lodge have found the spey cast technique to be a highly efficient means to get their fly to places they have never been able to reach before. Bill and Greg highly recommend this technique in streamer fishing where fly time in the water is key vs. trying to manipulate repeated false casts with limited results.

Lopstick Lodge is holding a spey casting clinic on October 11th & 12th.
Instructed by Wayne Aldridge of River of Life Outdoor Adventures from the Delaware River in NY and also aided by Bill & Gregg. Day one is a full day of hands on instruction which will encompass spey casting techniques with both single hand rods and two handed rods. Instruction will include a variety of different casts for various conditions with emphasis on casting modern short head shooting lines. Day two will be a half day which will include review and actual hands on fishing application. The only gear needed is to bring your current trout fishing fly rod or two hander outfit. Demo lines/reels and rods will be available for use at no cost.

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