A Kind Letter From A Happy Customer

Good Morning,

I wanted to tell you about my stay with you in July. I have been coming to Lopstick for 9 years and live it up in Pittsburg. When I come up to stay, it is usually to hike the local hiking trails in October. So, this year, due to the current Pandemic, I had the opportunity to attempt a hike of the Cohos Trail, which begins at the border and takes you down to Crawford Notch for 165 miles. Since I needed an early start, Lopstick would be perfect to stay at and since you had just reopened, I wanted to support you. I was able to get a reservation for one night on the weekend of July 4th. We (my family and I), were able to come up, relax (had a final meal at the Rainbow Grille), and I was able to set out on my journey, the morning of July 4th. This was my father’s first stay at Lopstick and he lived it. We had stayed in Magalloway 4, which was clean and comfortable for 3 adults and a dog. Everyone at the office was very helpful with both the check in and check out process. Everyone is so friendly! My parents had no issues checking out after I had started my journey.

So, now I am walking and realizing by July 5th that the Cohos Trail was not the trail for me. I needed to get out of the woods but, I would need a place to stay while I waited for “rescue”. I was on trail around Round Pond and I called the office. I wish I could remember who I spoke with but, she was able to help me figure out a plan. I reserved Magalloway 1 for July 6th to July 8th. One more night in the woods and I began to make my way out. On that Monday at about 9am, I received a call on Covell Mountain that my cabin was ready. Again, whom ever I spoke with was so helpful and understanding of my situation. She ran through the COVID Questions on the spot and I was all set. I just needed to get out of the woods and get there.

So, I kept walking with the hope that I would get out at Young’s Store some 5 miles away. BUT, in the process of walking, I ran into 2 gentlemen on an ATV trail. They told me I was right by Ramblewood and how to get out a lot quicker. I walked right to Magalloway 1, getting myself out of a pretty uncomfortable situation. I was never so happy to arrive at Lopstick. Magalloway 1 was perfect for me and my dog to wait for my ride to come and get me. Of course, the cabin was spotless with everything that I needed in the kitchen.

I always enjoy staying at Lopstick. There is not a more friendlier And helpful staff up there. I could not have made a quicker exit if it were not for the understanding of the person at the front desk or the ease of navigating your website. Imagine reserving a cabin online in the middle of the woods! Everything was seamless.

So, my dog and I are home now. We are rested and forever grateful. We will see you on our annual visit in October!

Rachel, Isis, and family