Youth Deer Hunting Weekend

Want to expose your kids to hunting?
The season is upon us!

Youth hunters can start at any age, obviously, safety is the most important part. Here at Lopstick we welcome kids and their parents to hunt together. Youths will have no problem handling firearms as long as they have been taught responsibility from the start. Young hunters must be accompanied by a licensed adult at all times.

It is best to keep groups small, the youths and their parents. It makes sense for youths to hunt is less crowded areas. The remote woods of the north country are perfect. There are a number of wild game species youth can target including turkeys, rabbits, ruffed grouse, woodcock, white-tailed deer, and bears. Our upland bird hunting guides are able to guide you and your child during bird hunting season in October as well.

Come join us with your family and expose your kids to hunting in the north woods. For further information please visit the NH Fish and Game website at

Don’t forget that Youth Deer Hunting Weekend in Pittsburg is October 26-27. This weekend is only open to youth hunting so your child can enjoy the experience knowing the number of hunters is extremely limited.

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