Enjoy Autumn at Lopstick Lodge

Autumn is a special time of year here in Pittsburg, New Hampshire, when there is so much to enjoy at The Cabins at Lopstick that is completely unique to this season.

The fall foliage is still beautiful in the surrounding forest, with the trees stubbornly clinging to gold, red and orange leaves. As October moves on and the leaves tumble to the ground, late fall will set in. It is a wonderful, peaceful time of year to be in New Hampshire’s North Woods. It comes as the excitement of the fall foliage dies down and there is a certain quite anticipation in the air before the arrival of the first flakes of snow. That sense of solitude and peace combined with the crisp, cool air of late fall makes conditions ideal at this time of year for hiking and enjoying the area.

Hunting takes center stage in northern New Hampshire in the fall. Our region offers some of the best grouse cover in New England, and we have a large population of resident woodcock, giving us some of the most exciting grouse and woodcock hunting you’ll find. Late October can see some of the highest daily flush rates of the season, and an early snow in November can make it easier to track birds.

Of course, sometimes the most enjoyable thing you can do is to do nothing at all. And perhaps the best time to relax like that is late fall, just before the craziness of the holiday season arrives. It’s a perfect time of year to enjoy one of Lopstick’s cozy cabins, to take in spectacular views, to enjoy the peacefulness of the late fall woods and the beauty of crystal clear, star-filled autumn night skies.

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