Happy Spring!

It’s been a long and snowy winter this year in the North Country.
We’ve had more than 220 inches of snow this year, something the old timers around here sniff at. (“You shoulda seen it back in …” they say!) It’s been a great season for the snowmobilers and the cross-country skiers and the ice fishers … but the rest of us are ready to see and walk on some terra firma!

It won’t be long now. The ice on the lakes will soon melt, the rivers will swell with the spring rains and snowmelt, and the daffodils, crocuses and other early season flora will soon poke their heads up into the warm spring sunshine.

We here at Lopstick will be ready to welcome all our warm-season guests again! The fish will be running in the Trophy Stretch, the moose will make their way down to the ponds for some delicious algae, and the birds will return from their southern condos to sing their songs of spring and summer once again.

Now’s the time to plan your visit. Head Guide Bill Bernhardt’s got Lopstick’s Fly Shop loaded with new gear and the latest fly patterns. Our friends at Ride the Wilds have been clearing the miles of ATV trails, and will have new signage up by May.
And just down the road in Colebrook, the Tillotson Center for the Arts continues to bring in great talent for their musical and dramatic events throughout the spring and summer.

In the meantime, we are continuing to upgrade, remodel and make all our cabins as inviting and comfortable as possible for our guests.
Stay tuned for more announcements on this!

Spring is here! Summer is right around the corner.
Come see us!

The Lopstick Team

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  1. We”re formulating our plans to get up into your “neck of the woods” within the next couple of weeks, hopefully for some early fishing and some hanging out.
    We love it up there as we’re old Coos County residents and always love coming back to Lopstick.
    We’ll be in touch.
    Rick & Beth kelly