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Please check out our guest blogger, Rae Padilla Francoeur. Rae writes about the Pittsburg area and we wanted to share some of her stories and local adventures.


The Bog Bridge Trail, off Magalloway Road just before the bridge that crosses the Connecticut River, is a lot of fun. It can be a bit unnerving, however, since you’re walking in the footsteps [hoof-steps?] of moose — at least until you get to the footbridge, which is really a narrow wooden beam. I’m pretty sure moose don’t walk on narrow wooden beams.

In fact, moose take paths of least resistance according to what we’ve read, which is why logging had benefitted the herd in the North Country.

The excellent Bog Bridge trail parallels Route 3 in the vicinity of Moose Alley – where moose have traditionally hung out for picture-taking and munching grasses and licking the salt off the road. The trailhead sign tells hikers to look for a moose burial ground. So far, though, we’ve had no luck spotting it and I think that’s OK with me. We have met people on this trail who’ve spotted moose — the live kind.

This trail has a lot of parts to it. You walk for a while through really pretty forest terrain before coming to the footbridge. Once there, you can look over the cat tails and wetlands foliage to get a good view of the land that moose traverse. My daughter says, “Look, Mom, this is what the moose see.” Exactly.

We’re the only souls out here and we’re not turning around anytime soon. The most memorable hikes are the scary ones. Usually we make them scarier than they are and head home with lots of great memories.

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