Lopstick Holds Winter Photo Contest

This winter we held a photo contest on Facebook and Instagram, which allowed guests to share their best photos from their winter trips to Lopstick. Apparently, we have a lot of talented photographers who visit us, as we had many wonderful contest entries.

Some photos were funny, such as one photo of someone posing next to a man-sized replica of the Bumble from Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. Others were exciting action shots, including one of a snowmobiler catching air near snowy woods, with the clear blue sky and bright shining sun above. Others were simply breathtaking, which included gorgeous views out cabin windows to golden sunsets over snowy, frozen lakes.

It was a joy going through so many wonderful photos, but it made our job difficult when it came time to choose the winners. Ultimately, first place went to Nick Walker for his stunning photo of a reddish-purple sky reflecting in the waters of Second Connecticut Lake. For his prize, he received a $50 gift certificate. Second place went to Kellianne Beston Thayer for her inspiring photo of a snowmobiler – arms raised overhead – looking out over First Connecticut Lake. For second place, she received a $25 gift certificate.

Keep taking those wonderful photos at Lopstick. And keep an eye out for our next photo contest later this summer.