5 Great Paddling Trips in Northern New Hampshire

Surrounded by miles of unspoiled wilderness, breathtaking scenery and bountiful wildlife, the lakes, ponds and rivers of northern New Hampshire are a paddler’s paradise. Here you can explore beautiful waterways, picnic along a remote shoreline, or drift while fishing for trout and salmon. Here are five great paddling trips in the Pittsburg area that every paddler will enjoy.

East Inlet – Home to one of the region’s last stands of virgin forest, East Inlet is a jewel of the North Woods. It is one of the most beautiful bodies of water in the Northeast and it attracts interesting wildlife such as moose, great blue herons, beavers and more.

Scott Bog – You won’t see many other people on this remote and beautiful pond. Scott Bog is surrounded by spruce-fir forest. It is teeming with wildlife and is known for its great brook trout fishing.

First Connecticut Lake – At 2,800 acres, First Connecticut Lake is one of the largest lakes in New Hampshire. It features an undeveloped shoreline, gorgeous mountain views, and it is popular among anglers for its lake trout and landlocked salmon.

Second Connecticut Lake – Among paddlers, Second Connecticut Lake is one of the favorite big lakes in northern New England. It features 11 miles of diverse shoreline, and paddlers love exploring its islands and marshy inlets. It is also home to lots of wildlife, including bald eagles and loons.

Connecticut River – The headwaters of the Connecticut River are often too shallow and rocky for paddling. But below nearby Stewartstown, the river has enough water year-round for canoeing and kayaking. Here the river alternates between fast and quiet stretches. This area of the river treats paddlers to stunning wilderness scenery, and it is a great place for bird watching as well as fishing.

While these five paddling trips are sure to please canoeists and kayakers, they are just the tip of the iceberg. The Pittsburg area has many other great places to paddle. In fact, you could spend a week at Lopstick Lodge paddling a different body of water every day and still have many others left to explore. Learn more about the lakes, ponds and rivers around Lopstick here

If you don’t own a canoe or kayak, Lopstick offers both canoe and kayak rentals.  

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