Lake Francis is one of the region’s newest bodies of water

Most visitors would be surprised to learn that Lake Francis is a 1,934-acre, 79-year-old reservoir
built by the Army Corps of Engineers for flood control. This beautiful and pristine body of water
surrounded by mountains is the launching point for several beautiful hikes as well as
snowmobile and ATV trails. Beautifully integrated into the region, Lake Francis is now a sister to
Pittsburg’s four Connecticut Lakes.

The Army Corps of Engineers completed the project in 1940. A 117-foot dam, Murphy Dam,
manages the outflow to the Connecticut River flowing south. The reservoir’s capacity is 131,375
acre feet. Lake Francis is 5.4 miles in length and spans the Pittsburg/Clarksville boundary.
The lake is also the site of a New Hampshire State Park that serves as a base for a number of
recreational activities.