New England Autumn at Lopstick

Fall was a little delayed this year, but well worth the wait! There is nothing like a New England autumn. And we have the images to prove it! Crisp mornings, blue skies and sunshine bring visitors to the mountains of northern New England to marvel at the reds, oranges and yellows. In the Connecticut Lakes Region, we have hardwoods with bright colored autumn leaves and sturdy firs that provide a deep green contrast. As the leaves fall, the Tamaracks change from deep green, to light green to a golden yellow before falling in late October.

Photographers and wildlife watching from all over the world come to New England and northern New Hampshire to view nature’s color show before the long, white winter sets in. Out foliage season begins in early to mid September and extends into the first part of October. Again this year, friend and photographer Wes Lavin, shared with us some of his awesome work. Photos are of Route 3 near the Johnson Spring, East Inlet, Magalloway Road, Scott’s Bog, and First Connecticut Lake at the Lopstick Cove.