Reasons to Love Mud Season

When you think of early spring in northern New England, you might think “Mud Season.” If so, you’re like a lot of people who view the often cool, damp, muddy days between the end of winter and the warmth of late spring as a time of year best spent indoors. But smart outdoors people know that early spring is a great time of year to enjoy the outdoors, especially around Pittsburg, New Hampshire. Here’s why:

Waterways spring to life. As the snow and ice melts away in early spring, rivers, creeks and lakes seem to come alive. It’s also the best time of year to see waterfalls – and Pittsburg has some beauties, including 110-foot Beaver Brook Falls and gorgeous Falls in the River, a stepped waterfall in the Upper Connecticut River. For a full list of the area’s, waterfalls check out .

Pleasant weather and no bugs. There’s a fresh, clean smell to the air in early spring. Longer days mean you can extend your outdoor activities, and pleasant temperatures allow you to be outdoors without getting oppressively hot or bitterly cold. Thanks to those cool temps, you also won’t be attacked by swarms of mosquitoes or black flies at this time of year.
There’s no mud on covered bridges. You don’t have to brave muddy trails to enjoy picturesque scenery. Pittsburg is home to three beautiful covered bridges: two over Perry Stream and one over the Connecticut River offering gorgeous views of the valley. To learn more about, Pittsburg’s covered bridges .
Early season fishing. This is the time of year to dust off those fishing skills (and cure cabin fever) by getting in some early season fishing. Take advantage of the area’s early runs of land-locked salmon.
Wildlife abounds. After enduring the long winter, the region’s wildlife bursts with activity. Moose visit their favorite spots in Moose Alley, and the return of migratory birds has nearly everyone bird-watching.
It’s “Value Season.” Visitors can score great deals on cabin rentals during this time of year. Lopstick offers discounted cabin rates during the month of April, making it easy and inexpensive to come enjoy this special season.