Enjoy Tri-State Reciprocal Snowmobile Weekend in January

One of the most exciting snowmobiling events of the winter is coming up in late January, and Lopstick  is the ideal location to serve as your base camp for this memorable weekend.


Tri-State Reciprocal Weekend, an opportunity for snowmobilers to seamlessly explore the trails of New Hampshire, Vermont and Maine, will be held every January from Friday, January 26 to Sunday, January 28, 2018. During that weekend, all snowmobiles legally registered in one of the states are free to ride in the other two states. (Local laws and rules, such as speed limits and youth operation standards, must still be adhered to in each state.)


The weekend presents a wonderful opportunity for snowmobilers to explore new trails. For those who primarily snowmobile in the Granite State, this is a great chance to explore the trails of Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom or Maine’s rugged, wild western border. Of course, make sure to leave time to enjoy the trails around Pittsburg, widely considered the best on the East Coast.


Thanks to its central location in Pittsburg, Lopstick provides easy access to trails in both Vermont and Maine, making it an ideal base camp for snowmobilers looking to get the most out of this unique weekend event.


Lodging for this popular weekend fills up fast, so book soon. Check out our Ride and Stay Snowmobile Experience Package (https://www.lopstick.com/packages/ride-and-stay-snowmobile-experience-package/) for great savings.


For information on riding in Vermont and that state’s trails and clubs, check out https://vtvast.org. For info on trail conditions and clubs in Maine, check out the Maine Snowmobile Association’s website at http://www.mesnow.com.



  1. Will the reciprocal weekend be the last weekend in January in 2019 as well. (Jan 25, 26, 27, 2019). Making plans for next year now. We had a great time this year.