Pittsburg, NH: The Snowmobiling Capital of New England

Pittsburg is widely recognized as the snowmobile capital of New England, and for good reason. The area is home to more than 200 miles of snowmobile trails that are regularly groomed to perfection. These trails are part of a vast network connecting to other trails in Vermont, Maine and Quebec. Snowmobilers from around the globe come to enjoy Pittsburg each year, and visitors can ride for hundreds of miles in a mere three-day weekend.

But if you think it’s just groups of guys coming up to go snowmobiling, think again. Steve Connor, of Arlington, Massachusetts, has been coming up to Lopstick Lodge to go snowmobiling with his wife and three kids for more than a decade. He started riding with his kids before they were even 10 years old, often during February school vacation.

“It was a family vacation for us,” says Connor. “Instead of going to Florida, we’d go snowmobiling every year.”
Connor started off going to the Moosehead Lake region in Maine. But a friend told him Pittsburg was where to go. It was easier to get to, had better snow and impeccably maintained trails.

“The beauty of Pittsburg is they get more snow than any other place in the state, and they groom them,” says Connor.

“The trails are better maintained than any other place I’ve been on the East Coast.”

Connor says he enjoys going to Lopstick because it is a great location. He says they have a lot of wonderful cabins to rent (his favorite is Dream Maker), and you can access snowmobile trails right from your cabin.

“I got hooked on the place,” says Connor. “I’ve never had a bad trip up there.”

You don’t even need to have a snowmobile to enjoy snowmobiling. Lopstick rents new model, four-stroke Ski Doo snowmobiles for single riders and touring models for two riders; riders are provided with a helmet and a snowmobile trail map. Lopstick also offers a variety of Ride and Stay Packages for added savings during your snowmobile vacation.

If you’d like to learn more about the snowmobile trails around Pittsburg and current conditions, check out the Pittsburg Ridge Runners website. Also, for up-to-date weather information for the Pittsburg area, a favorite site among area snowmobilers is.

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