Summer is finally here!

Lopstick is a true four-season resort. We’ve got guests staying here every night of the year. So those of us who work and live up here in the great North Country of New Hampshire can sometimes get jaded about what time of year it is … after all, we’re focused on making every guest’s visit the best it can be, whether it’s June or January.

But we can tell when it’s summertime at Lopstick! The sun is much warmer now than it is in January. The lakes we look at out our windows are beautifully blue, not cold and icy. We can hear birdsong, morning, noon and at evening tide. There are flowers in bloom everywhere! And of course, we have to cut the grass! That’s not a big worry in the middle of winter!

And the days are much longer this time of year. Which gives our guests more time to enjoy this beautiful place. More time to try out some newly learned casts along the raging whitewater streams. More time to wander through the woods and perhaps come nose-to-nose with a moose. More time to explore the North Country, on an ATV, or a canoe, or a kayak, or a bicycle. More time to explore our town of Pittsburg (or nearby Colebrook) and meet the folks who live here all the time, explore the stores and galleries and cafes and restaurants.

Yes, time is a valuable commodity for all of us. Perhaps that’s why we all love the summer…it gives us more time. Time to live and breathe and relax and appreciate the world around us.

So pack up the family and come see us this summer. We’ve got the space. You’ve got the time. We look forward to seeing you soon…

The Staff at Lopstick