Gentlemen (and women)… Start Your Engines!

Up here in Pittsburg, it’s not winter, it’s snowmobiling season.

Our town is considered the snowmobiling capital of New England once the snow begins to pile up. There are more than 200 miles of groomed trails through the woods and around the many lakes and ponds in our town. In addition, our trail system links with those in Quebec, Vermont and Maine, and our NH neighbors to the South to provide almost limitless destinations to visit on your snowmobile. It’s how people get around up here. You can ride to restaurants, gas stations, stores, cafes and more.

Our friends at the Pittsburg Ridge Runners club maintain the trail system, operate warming huts on weekends and provide all kinds of great advice to riders on trail conditions and itineraries. The trails around us are usually rideable through April.

All 55 of our cabins are located on or near a trail. Many of our guests bring their own machines, but we rent the four-stroke Ski-Doo 600 machines here at Lopstick.

And we offer excellent value for our guests with our Ride and Stay Snowmobile ExperiencePackage. Most of our cabins are included in these deals…for full details, go here.

Come ride with us this winter!
It’s an amazing and invigorating experience.