Looking Back, Looking Forward

Happy New Year!

The Roman god Janus crops up a lot this time of year. He’s got two faces: one for looking back at the year gone by, and one for looking forward to the year to come.

We all do a little reflection when the calendar flips over to a new year. A bit of regret for things done and undone; a bit of warm remembrance for the good times we had over the last 12 months.

And we look ahead, formulating our goals, resolving to do better to the ones we love, and making plans to create the place and time for good things to happen.

That’s where we come in!
We here at Lopstick–the staff, the owners, the fishing and hunting guides, the snowmobile rental people and the boat wranglers–we all strive every day to make every guest’s experience the best it can be.

So if you visited with us in the year now gone, thank you! We hope you came to appreciate this special place the same way we who live and work here do. And if you’re future plans include a visit with us…welcome! We’ll look forward to your visit!!

In the meantime, be of good cheer, be nice to one another and treasure the ones you love.
See you soon!

Courtney Major
General Manager


  1. Hi Courtney,just thought I’d take the opportunity to wish you all at Lopstick a Happy New Year ,I have been lucky enough to visit Lopstick a couple of times and recomended you to a few friends whao have also loved their time there (making me a bit jealous) we are certainly trying to visit again and may manage it this year ,hope so anyway ,please also give my regards to Greg and Bill – two of the best and most likeable fishing guides I have ever spent time with,good luck with the winter season and hope to make it back this year ,best wishes from the UK
    Ron and Judy

    • Ron,

      We always appreciate any referrals! Sorry for the delayed response.

      Best regards as always!

  2. Loved our stay there two years ago and looking forward to another trip there someday. Some great snowmobiling riding there. My brother and I love to snowmobile.