Winter Fun Without A Snowmobile

From December until March, thousands of people head to Pittsburg, many dragging trailers containing one or two snowmobiles. We’re New England’s capital of snowmobiling!

But there are plenty of other winter experiences up here that don’t involve a growling machine speeding through the woods! You don’t have to choose…you can snowmobile one day and try some other winter activities next!

Ice Fishing

Everyone knows that Lopstick and Pittsburg are prime destinations for fishing in the warm-weather months. The Connecticut Lakes and the Trophy Stretch of the fast-running Connecticut River are famous for trout, salmon and other species.

In the winter, the three Connecticut Lakes, Lake Francis as well as the other ponds in the area, usually freeze solid by New Year’s Day. But that doesn’t stop the intrepid anglers in the Great North Woods who head out across the frozen wastes (usually on their snowmobile) to drill holes in the ice and drop their bait.

The winter ice fishing season starts Jan. 1. No more than two trap lines per fisherman is permitted. Lake trout and cusk are the main targets–regulations prevent taking salmon through the ice.

Check-in at Lopstick’s front desk for full details on ice fishing: where to go, rules and regulations, where to find the right gear and bait and much more.

Cross country skiing and snowshoeing.

Cross-country or Nordic skiers love the Great North Woods!
In Colebrook, the Upper Coos Recreational Trail extends up along the Connecticut River to Beecher’s Falls on the Vermont-Canada border, about 10 miles. This old railroad line makes for a nice X-country track on generally level ground.

The hiking trails at Lake Francis State Park just off Route 3 near Lopstick can also be utilized in the winter for X-country or snowshoe hiking.
Experienced snowshoers can ascend some of the local hills on the hiking trails used in snow-free months. It’s good exercise and the summit views are amazing! Check-in with the front desk at Lopstick for a trail guide. We also have a few pairs of snowshoes available for any guest who wants to try them out.

Ice Skating

Pittsburg builds an outdoor rink every year next to the Congregational Church on Main Street. Bring your own skates and have fun!

Over in Colebrook, there’s a public outdoor skating rink at the North Country Community Rec Center just off Route 3. The rink is often busy with hockey leagues and other events, so call the center at 603-237-4019 for times of public skating. There’s a warming room in the rec center, and the rink is lighted for night skating.