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The Upper Connecticut Region of New Hampshire is considered one of the prime fly fishing grounds of the Eastern United States. The headwaters of the mighty Connecticut River rise near the Canadian border. As the river begins its 440-mile route to the sea, it is collected in a series of impoundment lakes. The tail-water dams discharge the icy cold water into fast-running streams. They are the perfect environment for the Brook Trout, Rainbows, and Brown Trout, as well as Landlocked Salmon on their annual springtime and fall spawning run.

The sections of the Connecticut River below Second Connecticut Lake and First Connecticut Lake are reserved for fly fishing anglers only. There are shallow, rocky rapids, quiet backwater pools, and fast-running deep channels. On both banks the native vegetation gives rise to the amazing variety of insect life that provides the main source of food for the voracious fish: the caddisflies, the mayflies, the duns; these are species the anglers must know to duplicate with their offerings.

This results in a fly fishing paradise that results in some of the best fly fishing in New England.

The Fly Fishing Trophy Stretch

And the “Trophy Stretch” of our fast-running river is only one part of the fishing experience at Lopstick. All around us in this pristine section of New Hampshire is a series of crystal-clear lakes and ponds, most open to fishing of all kinds. Rainbow Trout, Brook Trout, Landlocked Salmon, Brown Trout, and Lake Trout are all caught by both fly and casting anglers, from shore, from kayaks, canoes, and rowboats, and from motorboats. Additionally, Smallmouth Bass can be found in Back Lake.

Flying Fishing on the Connecticut River for Trout, Brookies and Rainbows

Many of our guests come for fishing, in spring, summer, and fall. They enjoy our comfortable, fully equipped cabins, the convenience of our Orvis-endorsed outfitter, and the knowledge of our trusted fishing guides. They get to experience spending a few joyous days in the magnificent North Woods country, and all it has to offer.

We invite you to learn more about the Fly Fishing Experience at Lopstick.

Deposit Policy: 50% of the fee for the first day of guide service is required at the time of the reservation.

Guide Service Type   1 Person  2 People

Full-Day Wade           $350      $400

Half-Day Wade          $200      $250

Full-Day Drift             $450      $450         (Connecticut & Androscoggin)

Half-Day Drift            $350      $350         (Connecticut River Only)

Pike Trips                    $450     $450

Casting Lesson $45 an hour for 1 or 2 people.

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Where To Fish at Lopstick

Upper Connecticut River

Starting as a trickle near the Canadian border in Pittsburg, NH, the river forms a chain of the deep, cold-water ...

Androscoggin River

Our guides also drift on the Androscoggin River, starting near Errol, New Hampshire and running east into Maine. Home to ...

Big Brook Bog

The 37-acre Big Brook Bog is a fly fishing only pond not far from Lopstick. Anglers will find brook trout ...

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