The border between the US and Canada is just 13 miles north of Lopstick. There is majestic scenery on the northern side of the border, as well as a handful of small Quebec towns to visit that make for an enjoyable day trip.

After passing through Customs, you’ll see rolling farmlands leading to the Megantic mountain range in the distance. There’s an observatory on Megantic peak, an auto road to the summit of Mount St Joseph, and a base information area on the geology of the range and information on visiting the observatory. Unfortunately, most of the info at the base center is in French, but the attendants do speak some English and it is worth the trip.

On Route 257 in Chartierville, Quebec, just a quarter-mile from the US border, you’ll find the fascinating ‘Magnetic Hill,‘ where your car appears to roll uphill, defying the laws of gravity!
Chartierville is a small town on the Ditton River, and was once a gold-mining center: there’s a museum in town which explains the history.

A bit further north is La Patrie, a town noteworthy for its world-famous Guitabec guitar factory.

Be sure to bring your passport or passcard to gain entry into Canada.

Covered Bridges

There are three covered bridges in the Pittsburg area, always a favorite of tourists.

  • The Bacon Road Covered Bridge spans the Connecticut River just south of Pittsburg Village. It’s just over 88 feet long and was built around 1876.
  • The River Road Covered Bridge is found on Lake Francis Road, seven miles north of the village and just over a mile east off US 3. Built-in 1858, its 50-foot length spans Perry Stream.
  • Happy Corner Covered Bridge also spans Perry Stream, six miles north of Pittsburg Village and 200 yards east of US 3.


Garfield Falls: What a beautiful place to see! Take Magalloway Road 12.2 miles, then stay straight another 1 mile to a small turnout on either side of the road. The trail is to the left 1/4 a mile to the 38-foot falls. Bring your swimsuit as Garfield Falls is a great place for swimming! You’ll need good footwear for fishing and hiking the rocks at the Falls site.

Beaver Brook Falls: Beaver Brook Falls is located 2.4 miles north of Colebrook or 10.8 miles south of Pittsburg on Rte 145. This lovely picnic spot is the perfect setting for a summer’s afternoon. There is a nice lawn and picnic area along with walking paths at the site of this 110′ falls.

Little Hellgate Falls: Little Hellgate Falls is a beautiful waterfall deep in the Great North Woods. Named “Hellgate” because many a logger lost his life here breaking up log jams. To get there, drive north on Rte 3 to Magalloway Road to the Buckhorn Road which is the second right off Magalloway Road (approximately 3 miles out). You will pass through a gate in 3-4 miles and the road becomes the Cedar Stream Road. Look for snowmobile trail #137 on the left. Park on the side and start down the trail. You will cross a snowmobile bridge and come to a second bridge. The trailhead is located on the left, immediately after crossing the second bridge. This is a beautifully done trail with log stairs and log benches. The trail into the falls is very steep so use care in this section. Enjoy the log bench at the base of the falls for a picnic lunch!

Falls in the River: Falls in the River is a beautiful, stepped waterfall in the Upper Connecticut River between Second and First Lake. Access is easy from Rte 3. From the North end, access the trail at Second Connecticut Lake Dam and follow trail 1.5 miles to the Falls. To access from the south, park off Rte 3 near Big Brook Bog Road and take the Moose Alley Trail to the Falls in the River Trail and then a half-mile hike to the Falls.

Indian Stream Canyon: This is a beautiful place to hike down and swim during the summer months. Pack a picnic and hang out and soak. It’s a moderate hike and here is how to get there from Lopstick. Go South on Route 3 and take Indian Stream Road (about 2.4 miles South of Pittsburg village) on the right. Follow this road for just under 16 miles. Signs mark the trailhead and there is parking across the road in the pullout.

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