A quiet and beautiful serenity

Heading north on Route 3, Second Connecticut Lake is on the right just past Moose Alley, and a 15-mile-drive from Pittsburg Village. The second largest of the four Connecticut Lakes spans 1,102 acres and is, at its deepest, 63 feet.

Boaters, anglers, and picnickers all make use of this beautiful glacial lake. It is less frequented than First Lake and Lake Francis, and for that reason, it has special appeal for some. Photographers who come to Second Lake just before sunrise and at sunset are sure to capture an array of dramatic panoramas. If you’re lucky, you’ll see and hear pairs of nesting loons.

There are two easy ways to access the lake. You can pull off Route 3 at the Second Connecticut Lake Dam. You’ll find parking and paths down to the Connecticut River on the south side of the dam. The lake is north of the dam. If you look to your left, while standing at the dam, you’ll see a solitary picnic bench on a promontory that overlooks the north edge of the lake. It’s private and beautiful, and a perfect spot for watching birds. Herons have established a rookery on a small island in the lake. Watch for moose, deer, and fox, as well.

The second easy access is at Idlewilde Road, your first right turn just north of the dam off Route 3. Bear right and you’ll come to a large clearing where you can park your boat trailer and launch your boat from a concrete ramp. You’ll find picnic tables and a magnificent view. This part of the lake is frequented by birds, including loons that swim in close proximity to the shoreline. To the right of the clearing, look for a wooded path that runs along the shoreline, offering more beautiful views and quiet seclusion.

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